Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My sculpture Pagliacci

Pagliacci is a beautiful opera by Leoncavallo on the tragedy of a jealous husband.  It recounts this tragedy as a commedia dell'arte troupe: There is a play within a play: "the troubles of Pagliaccio". I love the way Luciano Pavarotti performed it in 1994. The end is the most dramatic moment: Canio (real character of Pagliacci) stabs Silvio - his wife's lover at the end and declares: La Commedia è finita! – "The play is over!". It makes me cry every single time.

Sometimes revengeful anger may take us away from reality to a place where social and moral norms do not exist.  Mostly this is followed by guilt, regret, and sorrow.  My sculpture represents Pagliacci himself at a moment of remorse with the raven on his shoulder representing his self-consciousness.

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